How To Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose?

How To Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose

How To Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose?

How To Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose

If you’re seeking a simple way how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve all experienced the wonderful feeling of being about to dive into the cool water of a pool.

A swimming pool is a beautiful addition to any home. However, if it becomes soiled over time, you may become dissatisfied and question your excellent decision to have it in your backyard.

Despite your claims that you have meticulously maintained the pool area, you must admit that a lot of dust and filth settles on the water. Pool vacuums remove the dirt that collects at the pool’s bottom.

During swimming sessions, swimmers may bring dust and grime into the pools. Due to the high cost of commercial pool cleaners, you may want to explore making your pool cleaners.

Commercial pool vacuum machines are best replaced with a garden hose. If a pool’s pump filter fails, this is a less expensive alternative.

How To Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose?

How To Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose

The process of how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose is described in the following section. But before diving into those instructions, we have listed essential takeaways for creating a pool vacuum with a garden hose.

Key Takeaways

1- There are two ways to get a garden hose vacuum: make your own or buy one already made. It is the same as hand-washing your carpet or vacuuming it with a steam cleaner.

2- You can use any ordinary garden hose to make a homemade pool vacuum.

3- Cleaning a pool thoroughly entails more than simply throwing your hose in and sucking away the trash, so be sure to stock up on other pool cleaning materials.

Steps To Create an Easy-To-Use Garden Hose Pool Vacuum

Let’s get started on the instructions now that you have gathered all of the necessary components:

Step 1: Connect the Vacuum Bag

After choosing the best garden hose for the job, attach the vacuum bag to one of the tube’s tips. It could be beneficial if you carefully attached the vacuum bag. Check that the sack is correctly linked to the hose’s right end.

Attach the vacuum bag to the valve side to ensure proper suction pressure.

Step 2: Attach the Telescopic Pole to The Building

Disconnect the telescopic handle from the leaf sweeper before connecting the garden hose to the telescopic pole. You can use two pins to connect specific handles. You must crush both the stems and the sweeper to remove them from the sweeper.

Bending the leaf skimmer part will separate the skimmer and the pole in most circumstances. Select and place the telescopic pole into the pool cleaner of the garden hoses’ handle opening.

Consider tying the telescopic handle and tube together with rope if you’re having problems connecting the two. Now come to the actual cleaning. Skimming dirt from pool water is straightforward once you’ve finished building the pool vacuum with a garden hose.

Step 3: Dive into The Water of The Pool

For the vacuum to reach the pool’s floor, you must maintain a firm hold. It is vital to ensure that the handle is in contact with the pool’s depths. The hose should have a large enough contact area for a precise touch on the pool surface.

Step 4: Lastly, Begin Vacuuming

Move the pole along the bottom, paying attention to the particles and impurities gathered. Continue to examine the floor as needed but give the ample liquid time to be pulled in through the hose line.

Dust and debris on the surface are sucked into the hose due to the low vacuum bag pressure.

Step 5: Drain and Thoroughly Rinse

It will take some time, but you will be able to clean the pool floor. After that, pull your homemade vacuum from the water with care. To avoid putting debris into the water, the aforementioned is done.

Disconnect the vacuum bag’s nozzle from the vacuum bag. Clean the vacuum by emptying the waste bag. After the pump has completely drained the water, you can scrub the pool bottom by hand. You can use a pair of scrubbers for this technique.

Now you know how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose.

Using The Pool Vacuum Made by Garden Hose

Using The Pool Vacuum Made by Garden Hose

Large vacuum bags are used in these vacuums, connected to your garden hose to create vacuum suction. You’ll be able to clean any pool in need if you learn how to operate a garden hose pool vacuum.

You’re ready to take on the task, whether it’s an inflatable pool, an inground pool, or any larger pools available. So thoroughly consider the following instructions to use the garden hose for pool vacuuming.

Step 1: Assemble your vacuum

Attach the vacuum bag to the appropriate valve on the vacuum body of the garden hose. You can collect the dirt and debris you vacuum up from the pool floor in the vacuum bag.

Step 2: Remove the skimmer’s handles properly

Take your leaf skimmer’s telescopic handle off. Some handles have two pins that must be depressed to remove the leaf skimmer. Other skimmers cling to the wand’s threaded end. Remove the skimmer by twisting it off and setting it aside.

Step 3: Install the Vacuum in Your Pool

Insert the telescoping handle into the garden hose pool vacuum’s handle hole. Connect the end of your garden hose to the vacuum’s hose valve. Connect the garden hose to the pool and drop the vacuum into the water.

Step 4: Move the Vacuum into Your Pool

Slowly move the vacuum around the pool’s floor with the telescoping handle. Turn off the garden hose, pull the vacuum out of the pool, and empty the vacuum bag if the vacuum loses suction.

Best Sellers Handheld Pool Vacuum

Best Sellers Handheld Pool Vacuum

Here, we’ll show you some of the best pool vacuums designed with garden hoses to keep your pool sparkling clean. Pool vacuums are available in various forms, such as simple vacuum heads that you push about with a pole.

1- Pool Master 33430

The Pool Master 33430 is compatible with the majority of in-ground pool vacuums. With its distinctive 30-foot hose length, it can effortlessly vacuum a large swimming pool.

This pipe’s 1-1/2-inch diameter delivers maximum and improved flow for optimum efficiency. The coiled spiral shape of the hose prevents it from breaking and leaking water.

This type is made of high-quality materials that allow the pipe to move freely without frizzing. The twisted cuff end is directly connected to the pool pump head, while the other end is connected to the pool skimmer. Check it on Amazon.

2- Haviland Vacuum Hose

Haviland is a fantastic vacuum hose made of high-quality and professional materials for long-lasting performance. The included swivel cuff is effective at preventing tangles and twists.


It is the most economical hose in premium grade spiral-wrapped hoses. It has a very thick crown to avoid wear and improve internal flow.

This hose is UV and chemical resistant, thanks to the copolymer composition. This Haviland is specially developed for use with in-ground or above-ground private or domestic swimming pools. Check this on Amazon.

3- Intex Replacement Hose

This Intex replacement hose is an innovative pool pump hose that takes less than a minute to install with the included simple kit. This hose contains two leak-resistant replacement 1.25-inch Intex hoses and four SEWANTA brass mounts to ensure dependability and long-term functionality.

The model is built of flexible and ultra-durable polyethene plastic components for durability. The featured clamps are made of brass metal for optimal comfort and durability.

In general, this product uses high-quality materials to ensure that customers enjoy the hose for many years to come. You can find this vacuum on Amazon.

FAQS: How to Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose?

1) Connect the vacuum bag to the appropriate valve on the vacuum body of the garden hose. The vacuum bag will collect the dirt and debris you vacuum up from the pool floor.

2) Take your leaf skimmer's telescopic handle off.

3)Insert the telescoping handle into the garden hose pool vacuum's handle hole.

4)Using the telescoping handle, slowly move the vacuum around the pool floor.

Wrap Up

We often need to clean our pools and need instructions on how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose. Vacuums cleaners are easy to use and inexpensive compared to commercial pool vacuum machines.

This post is written to assist users looking for instructions on how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose. We have provided instructions for creating such a pool vacuum and recommendations for some of the top handheld pool vacuums.

Pool vacuums made through garden hoses are simple systems to operate and will assist you in going above and beyond in pool cleaning, especially if you have the correct amps for the vacuum to function effectively.

When you make vacuuming a regular part of the pool cleaning routine, you may frequently avoid problems like odors, liner tears, and algae blooms. You may be able to use fewer chemicals in water since vacuuming circulates chlorine boosting their efficiency.